FRANCE Employee Benefits

Talent has built an international reputation for the high standards of quality and creativity of its employee benefits.

We know the value of good employees and are dedicated to longevity and retention. We attract qualified and talented individuals by offering a full range of benefits and incentives which may include following:

Vacation/Personal/Sick Days
The employee is entitled for 20 days of paid holidays per calendar year. The holidays include all bank and public holidays normally observed in country of placement. Holidays may not be accumulated or carried forward to any succeeding year.

The employee is entitled to paid holidays based on the length of service with the Company as follows :

    Length of Service Vacation days per completed years of service
    1 to 3 Year(s) 20 Business days
    Between 4 to 5 years 25 Business days
    More than 5 years 30 Business days

Talent understands that being extremely competitive in its salary structure is an integral part of its success, and has therefore implemented aggressive compensation strategies. Talent conducts extensive industry surveys every six months, and its salaries consistently place it within the top 25% companies. In addition, Talent performs employee evaluations and salary revisions every six months for first year after that once a year.

Employee Referral Program
You will receive 500.00 per candidate you refer to the company.

Talent currently hires a substantial number of its new employees through in-house referrals from existing employees. To facilitate this and to provide extra incentive, at this time Talent offers referral fees of 500.00 to its existing employees. Talent also offers additional bonuses to employees whose referrals result in the hiring of more than 5 candidates per year.

  • Referral Procedure - Employees must complete a Referral form; attach the candidate's resume and forward it to the Human Resource Department.

  • Bonus Payment Procedure - Currently, 500.00 to be paid on the first regular payday following the new hire's 90th day of employment.
Talent offers employees an advance of up to 500, to be paid to you on your arrival to the France to help in your relocation and for, e.g., obtaining an apartment and for immediate cash needs. Repayment of the advance, will be deducted through paychecks, after the employee executes the necessary forms.

Talent encourages all its employees to keep up to date with the latest technologies by providing access to the latest technologies via training.

Note : The above benefits and details are nonspecific in nature and may change without notice. The specific benefit for the employees shall be defined in their Employment Agreement which will supersede the above.