INDIA Employee Benefits

Talent has built an international reputation for the high standards of quality and creativity of its employee benefits.

We know the value of good employees and are dedicated to longevity and retention. We attract qualified and talented individuals by offering a full range of benefits and incentives which may include following:

Vacation/Personal/Sick Days
Employees are eligible to avail 12 working days per year as vacation leave. Entitlement increases to 17 working days per year when the Associate completes 5 years of continuous service with Talent.

Associates can avail 6 days of medical leave per year. This can be accumulated up to 18 days.

Maternity leave is for a period of 12 weeks which is inclusive of intervening Saturdays, Sundays, and other holidays.

Its main objective is to provide flexibility to the employees to plan a tax-effective compensation structure by balancing the monthly net income, yearly benefits and income tax payable. It is applicable of all the employees of the organization.

The Salary consists of Basic, DA and Conveyance Allowance. The Flexible Benefit Plan consists of:
  • House Rent Allowance

  • Leave Travel Assistance

  • Medical Reimbursement

  • Special Allowance

  • Provident Fund
    This is applicable to all employees of Talent Telecom Solutions. As per the statutory guidelines, the employee is required to contribute a percentage of his basic salary and DA to a common fund. The employer for this fund contributes as well. The employee can use the amount deposited in this fund for various personal purposes such as purchase of a new house, marriage etc.

    Gratuity is one of the retrial benefits given to the employee in which the employer every year contributes a particular amount. The fund created can be used by the employee for the purpose of long-term investment in various things such as a house etc.

    Employee Referral Scheme
    The employee referral scheme is implemented to encourage Employees to refer friends and relatives for employment at Talent Telecom Solutions.

    Talent reimburses the expenses incurred towards tuition fees, examination fees, and purchase of books subject to a maximum of Rs. 5000/- per academic year for pursuing for further studies.

    List of holidays
    - Republic Day
    - Muharram
    - Mahavir Jayanti
    - Good Friday
    - Id-E-Milad
    - Independence Day
    - Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday
    - Vijaya Dasami, Dussera
    - Depavali (Diwali)
    - Guru Nanak's Birth Day
    - Christmas Day

    Healthcare Benefits
    Talent provides comprehensive medical and accident insurance benefits to its associates. The premiums of these coverage are paid by the company. The Medical Insurance coverage extends to three of the Employee's immediate dependents.

    Personal Healthcare
    Talent provides Associates the facility for extensive health check-up. For Associates above 40 years of age, the check-up facility can be availed once a year and for Associates below 40 years of age the check-up facility can be availed once in two years. Cognizant provides the facility for extensive eye check-up, every year.

    Employees are provided financial assistance in case of a medical emergency. Associates are provided financial assistance at the time of their wedding. The new recruits are provided with interest free loans to assist them in their initial settlement at the work location.

    Note : The above benefits and details are nonspecific in nature and may change without notice. The specific benefit for the employees shall be defined in their Employment Agreement which will supersede the above.