Talent is a multi-cultural, multinational organization. This poses challenges in understanding the inherent differences among disparate cultures and achieving a uniformity of purpose in the midst of diversity. As you think about pursuing a career at Talent, there are things to consider :challenges, commitment, competence, and rewards. Building solutions requires commitment, which often means going the extra mile for the client and the project team.

Talent always aims to provide the opportunities to facilitate personal growth. Our approach to recruitment is rigorous....to ensure that we recruit the best people for every role. We are aggressively seeking talented individuals to be a part of this technical revolution. Talent has a variety of exciting career opportunities for professionals to put their talents to work helping us develop and deploy the latest innovations in the Wireless and Mobile industry.

Talent has set challenging roles, goals and created a work environment that enables its talented resource pool to produce results in the area of Mobile Wireless technology creation. We believe that, the only way to succeed in the knowledge era is to encourage cross-functional shifts by our employees to broaden their work perspectives.

The key to our success is our team. So we are looking for individuals well-versed in the leading technologies like Mobile Wireless, Semiconductor, Multimedia and Telecommunications.

Resumes from Poland send to Marcin@talentsys.com

All other resumes send to Sandy@talentsys.com