Talent Telecom, a supplier of software engineering services specializing in providing end-to-end solutions for wireless devices (SmartPhone, PDA, and Mobile Phone) announces that it has joined Symbian's Affiliate Partner Program.

As a Symbian Affiliate Partner, Talent Telecom will provide design, integration, testing and other software implementation support services to its customers. Talent Telecom will also develop and port wireless applications, device drivers to advance, feature-rich mobile phones based on Symbian OS.

Talent Telecom works with mobile phones manufacturers and telecom operators in various areas such as Multimedia, TI-OMAP, Protocol Stack, MMI, Games, J2ME, MMS, WAP browser, KVM implementations and GSM/GPRS /EDGE/ UMTS technologies

"We are proud and very excited about joining the Symbian Affiliate Partner Program. It is an important step for Talent Telecom to work in close collaboration with Symbian," said Rajeev Desai, CEO and founder of Talent Telecom Solutions.

"Being a Symbian Affiliate Partner will help us to address a larger set of customers. We will work closely with network operators and handset manufacturers who wish to take advantage of the latest Symbian technology to provide their customers with advanced wireless applications."

“Software implementation support services bring value to the Symbian OS ecosystem and aid its growth," said Phil Spencer, Global Manager, Affiliate Partner Program, Symbian. "We are pleased to have Talent Telecom join the Symbian Affiliate Partner Program and bring with them their long-standing experience of providing design, integration and testing capabilities for Symbian OS."

About Talent Telecom Solutions

Supplier of software and hardware engineering services, Talent Telecom is specialized in providing end-to-end solutions for manufacturers of terminal devices, semiconductors and multimedia.

Created in 1997 and located in USA, UK and Germany, Talent Telecom works closely with mobile phones manufacturers and telecom operators.

Talent has broad base of experience in GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS/WCDMA and Bluetooth technologies Our expertise also includes designing, development, porting, integrating and testing of different technological systems used in Mobile Terminal, semiconductors and multimedia.

Talent has amassed substantial internal capabilities and a broad base of experience in Symbian applications development, integration, porting, device driver and testing created through the efforts of our employees located in USA, UK, Germany and Asia.

About the Symbian Affiliate Partner Program

The Symbian Affiliate Partner Program is targeted at a wide range of third parties, particularly small and medium-sized companies, working with Symbian OS. The program supports the many services, application and content providers worldwide whose after-market products enhance the value of Symbian OS phones to users. Benefits include the exclusive use of the program logo, a dedicated on-line partner directory, access to key market channels and invitations to participate in feedback sessions, development projects, testing, and publishing programs - helping to shape the community of which they are an intrinsic part.  For more information please see www.symbian.com/partners/affiliate.html

About Symbian Ltd

Symbian is a software licensing company that develops and licenses Symbian OS, the global open industry standard operating system for advanced, data-enabled mobile phones.

Symbian licenses Symbian OS to the world’s leading handset manufacturers.  The following Symbian OS licensees have manufactured and announced Symbian OS-based mobile phones: Arima, BenQ, Fujitsu for NTT DoCoMo FOMA, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Sendo, Siemens, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. In 2003, over 6.67 million Symbian OS-based mobile phones were sold worldwide and ten million were sold overall to date.

Symbian has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom with offices in the US, Europe and Asia. For further information about Symbian, please see www.symbian.com or email press@symbian.com.