Talent Telecom Solutions offers software / hardware solutions and a broad range of services to the manufacturers of terminal devices, semiconductors, network equipment and service providers. Our cardinal service include product design & development, integration, verification, sustenance and technology constancy in the areas of wireless, semiconductor, multimedia and telecom.

Our sectors include :
  • Mobile Communication

  • Terminal Devices
  • Wireless Communication
  • Multimedia
  • IC Design
  • Semiconductor
  • Baseband
  • DSP Design
  • Telecommunication
  • Networking

Our capabilites include :

  • Software Engineering & Development
  • Protocol Stacks Development
  • Symbian : Series 60, 80, 90 Platform
  • Man Machine Interface (MMI)
  • Java on Handset (J2ME)
  • Mobile / Wireless Games
  • Multimedia solutions
  • Embedded Systems
  • RF Engineering
  • Test specifications
  • Integration / IOT / Field Trails
  • Verification / Validation
  • ASIC/Chip Design
  • Hardware Design & Development
  • System Design & Development
  • Network Architects

Talent Telecom Solutions offers its customers a broad range of services starting from full product lifecycle activities of design, development, testing and sustenance to technology Consultancy. We offer our customers high-end services such as in-depth market study, technology feasibility study, etc. The resultant findings allow the customers to make necessary business decisions on product implementation and marketing plans.

Our Engineers are Best of the Breed and well nurtured in Mobile, Wireless, Semiconductor and Telecom domains. All of our Engineers meet our exacting standards of professionalism, work ethics, and technical expertise.

Talent Telecom Solutions offers its clients great flexibility in terms of business models and the customer can choose the model that is most appropriate for their business needs.
  • Time & Materials

  • Fixed-cost (turnkey)

  • Dedicated Development Center

  • Risk-reward sharing

    Time & Materials
    This model is ideally suited for the projects where technical specifications, scope and implementation methodologies are not well defined at the outset as is the case with many technology-centric projects.

    In many cases, there are lot of changes in the scope of the project and specifications undergo several iterations during implementation phase. Time and material-based pricing comes in handy here, which is usually based on man-month rate of engineering and management services.

    Fixed-Cost (Turnkey)
    This model is best suited to customers who have clearly specified requirements and well-defined deliverables. In this option, customer reduces his risk by agreeing to pay a pre-negotiated price for clearly defined deliverables. Talent ensures on-time delivery by deploying its Quality Processes and best suited technical and project management resources.

    This model follows these basic steps -
    • Customer provides requirement specifications

    • Talent responds with an understanding of the requirements

    • Talent prepares a project proposal & quotes a fixed price for the development

    • Customer accepts the proposal and Talent prepares project plans

    • Talent prepares functional specification & high level design, customer approves these

    • Talent manages the complete development with customer involvement in all reviews

    • Customer is provided with progress reports and review results as per his/her needs

    • Acceptance tests are carried out by customer on all deliverables by Talent

    • If required, Talent provides help to the customer in carrying out acceptance tests

    • If needed, Talent continues it's services during field trials & even after release

    • Post release maintenance and bug fixing is carried out on mutually agreed terms

    Dedicated Development Center
    Dedicated Development Center is the most preferred business model among Talent's customers who have long term engineering outsourcing plans for some of their design, development and testing requirements.
    Talent commits a pool of dedicated engineering resources for DDC, which are trained on customer's engineering processes and business objectives. Billing is based on agreed man-month rate.

    Benefits to the customer include -
    • Long term and dedicated resource pool tuned to customer's engineering processes & business objectives

    • Usually, DDC is conceived as an extension of customer's own engineering facility, leading to higher transparency and better control

    • Project management and delivery is the responsibility of Talent which reduces strain on customer's resources

    • DDC leverages the project management and technology skills at Talent to customer's advantage

    • Many customers benefit from time-zone advantage for better utilization of resources

    The basic steps followed in this model are -
    • Customer identifies engineering functions (Design/Development /Testing) to be outsourced on long term basis to Talent

    • Talent and customer agree on processes to be used for design, development & delivery at DDC. Usually, Talent 's QMS is deployed at DDC but sometimes DDC processes are similar to customers' own processes for easy integration and monitoring

    • Talent and customer identify the infrastructure needs of DDC. This includes hardware, software, design & development tools, integration with customer's development/testing environment and communication links

    • A DDC manager is identified and engineering team is put in place. Usually customer deputes a DDC support manager who coordinates all activities of DDC with customer's own engineering team

    Risk-Reward Sharing
    Development of products based on cutting-edge technologies involves lot of risk. Talent Telecom Solutions welcomes opportunities to work with customers in developing these leading-edge technologies by sharing the risks and associated rewards. This mode of partnership with Talent minimizes the quantum of risk borne by the customer.

Bridging the gap Between Today's World and Tomorrow's Technology.

We've raced into the 21st century on the wings of Mobile wireless, telecommunications and e-commerce; we're a high tech, bottom line, lightning speed society on the brink of global transformation. As businesses everywhere attempt to harness the power of information technology, they will aggressively compete for a shrinking market share. Some will make it; some won't. The defining factor will be their ability to keep up with changing systems, new solutions, and emerging technology. It requires professional management coupled with a highly motivated engineering force. It's a formidable task; for some, an impossible challenge. That's where Talent Telecom Solutions comes in.

We fill in the gap between what you have and what you need......