Bringing you a heritage of end-to-end solutions in the specific infotech areas of Mobile, Wireless, Semiconductor and Telecommunications industry....Facilitating software / hardware solutions and services to the manufacturers of terminal devices, semiconductors, network equipment and service providers....

Talent Telecom Solutions is a leader in providing solutions for the Mobile, Wireless, Semiconductor and Telecommunications industry. Striking a perfect balance between quality and quantity, Talent Telecom Solutions provides engineering solutions with a core competency in Wireless technologies, specializing in Mobile, Multimedia, Voice & Data communication. In an age where micro and macro technology are changing at unparallel speed, Talent provides clients with the width and breadth of technological expertise crucial to establishing and maintaining their leading edge in today's competitive market. We do this by providing global service solutions and seamless service across all industry sectors and geographic boundaries. Because we employ the very best people within the wireless, semiconductor, Multimedia and telecommunication industries - people who are committed to excellence and meet the rigid professional standards set by our firm - we are able to continually develop new services, bringing our clients the expertise they need precisely when they need it.

Talent Telecom Solutions a Communications Technology company, is focused on assisting the manufacturers of terminal devices, semiconductors, network equipment and service providers in their quest to provide leading edge technology solutions to the global market place. Talent's core services include product design, development, verification, sustenance and technology consulting constancy in the areas of Mobile, Wireless, semiconductor, multimedia and Telecom industries.

Talent strives to establish long-lasting relationships with its customers to develop and deploy next generation technology solutions.